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Our vision

1. roadtest is an online media specialising in automotive, founded in 2013.

2. we strive to deliver automotive information faster, more accurately, and more entertainingly than anyone else.

3. respect and encourage the individuality and character of journalists outside of their medium.

4. aim for content that is not provocative, but valuable enough to keep you coming back for more.

5. As the name of the medium suggests, it seeks objective and in-depth test drives using instrumented equipment.

6. not only analysing the car as a commodity, but also storytelling around its history and culture.

7. Ultimately, we want to be a 'guide' to help consumers make smart car choices.


Our Vision

1. Roadtest is an online media specialising in automobiles launched in 2013.

2. We strive to deliver vehicle-related information in a faster, more accurate and fun way than anyone else.

3. We respect and encourage individual journalists who are not buried in the media title.

4. We aim for content that is not stimulating, but worth looking back.

5. As the media name suggests, we pursue an objective and in-depth test drive using measuring equipment.

6. not only car analysis as a product, but also storytelling related to history and culture.

7. Ultimately, we want to become a 'guide' that helps consumers choose proper and valuable cars.



226 Seoun-ro, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
(Seocho-dong, Seocho Office Building) Room 626/704

Contact Information

h. (82) 10-8912-8441
Email: ceo@roadtest.kr

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